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About Steve Bell

Shaman, Healer, Teacher

There is a sacred truth that exists within each of us.

That truth is re-membered in the journey back to ourselves, where we come to know this sacred truth as our divine birthright, something we have always been, something we could never not be.

It’s the sacredness present in the eyes of a newborn, the innocently intoxicating smell emanating from the tops of their heads before their skulls harden to survive the challenges of being human before the physical and emotional scars find their way in.

My north star is to be a guide in helping those who feel the stirring to return to this eternal sacred truth, for the light of our presence and expression is a true gift to the collective.

Mind, body, soul and spirit. 

Just like a well-functioning car requires more than just gas, I believe whole health exists beyond any single approach to wellness.

My offerings are crafted to work with each aspect of mind, body, soul and spirit to bring whole healing – whether it be spiritual mentorship aimed at growing wisdom and intelligence, somatic experiencing practices to feel and release stuck energy from the body, or ritual healing to return your body to a state of flow where you can more deeply and easily experience your soul purpose.

There is nobody in the world like you, so our work together would be truly unique to you.  The content and details of our work will be tailored to your needs and desires, customized to meet your schedule and delivered in a framework that best suits the way you learn, the depth of the present challenge and the speed with which you feel safe and comfortable diving in.

A winding road…

My path to spiritual guide and healer has been anything but conventional (if there is such a thing) and yet each step in this journey has delivered important medicine.

My undergraduate work was in the field of biochemistry, which gave me a deep understanding of the physical body, as well as developing my problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Later I studied business in graduate school, where I learned about how organizations function, what is required for a group and each individual within that collective to thrive.  From there I found myself working as a graphic and user experience designer in the startup world and for large corporations – where I learned about beauty, about the energetic interaction between elements on a screen, between humans and technology.

A throughline for me has always been a deep curiosity about the way things work – why we humans do what we do, how we achieve healthy relationships with ourselves and others, what makes us successful, what we as a society have determined that is and how that meaning changes over time.

These inquiries sent me on a deep path of self-discovery in the worlds of psychology and spirituality.  I’ve worked extensively with intuitives, somatic bodyworkers, reiki masters, coaches, therapists, astrologers and shamans on my healing path.  I was blessed with the opportunity to receive 7 years of initiation and mentoring in the Andean shamanic lineage, as well as extensive wisdom teachings on my path to becoming a certified pranayama breathwork practitioner and Sentaura healer.

Throughout that time I’ve come to see that regardless of how much we learn and achieve, or how many degrees or certifications we have, life is forever intertwined with the mystery, and it is that mystery that unfolds each step in this magical journey called life.

Steve Bell - Shaman & Healer

The true loves of my life.

I have been blessed to share this journey with my beautiful and talented wife Chassie Bell. She brings a much-enjoyed spark of energy and fun to my life.

We currently share our home and life with Myla, an exuberant wheaton terrior, and were blessed to live and learn from two incredible furry teachers, Cera and Rylee, who now exist in the ancestral realm.

We live in an old house on a hillside next to the sea, in Encinitas, CA.

Steve & Chassie Bell
Steve Bell and his wheaten terriors