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Healing can be a charged word, something associated with fear, shame or pain, or a concept that can feel mysterious and elusive.

What does it mean to heal?  What is a healed state and what does it look like to wear our healed state in the world?


The ancient wisdom of shamanism is experiencing a strong resurgence in our modern world.

My 7-year initiation and mentorship into the Andean shamanic lineage has greatly transformed the way I live and the work I do.




Ritual is a timeless practice utilized for personal and spiritual growth, and to connect us with our spiritual guides, guardians and benefactors.

It is the indigenous soul within each of us that remembers and is called to ritual.


Spiritual traditions have long understood the power of sound to bring about physical health, emotional well-being and altered states of consciousness.

Through sacredly tuned sound we can entrain our brain and body’s vibration to higher frequencies.


Heal with the power of your own breath.

Breathwork is a powerufl tool for physical, mental and emotional healing, as well as spiritual development.


Vision is essential in helping us live a life filled with purpose.

Divination is a sophisticated, timeless practice that delivers useful and accurate insights into challenging issues such as relationships, family, career and opportunities for growth and change.


Dreams offer us an unparalleled view into ourselves and our psyches.

They are a powerful tool for well-being, personal growth and spiritual evolution.  And they are incredibly fascinating.


When it comes to spirituality, consciousness and healing, I’m an avid reader.

Here are the books that have been most impactful in my healing journey and in the work I do.


A despacho is a sacred offering, an Andean, shamanic technology used to connect and give thanks to spirit, to our guides and guardians and to Pachamama. 

We can also use despachos as a tool for spiritual growth and well-being.