Hawk Flying With Fire In The Background

The Hut

A Stone Temple In San Diego

It Was All Just Waiting To Be Put Together…


The Hut came together in magical ways.


Years before I began its construction, a good friend of mine and landscape architect scored a bunch of free, beautiful stone and needed a place to store it.  That place ended up being the bottom of our yard and those stones now form the outer structure of The Hut.


On a Craigslist mission for large boulders, I ended up with many crystalline white stones that sat for a long time as raw material awaiting inspiration.  Those stones now serve as the star shrine, anchoring the light and wisdom of the star nations.


I needed two large steel rings, strong enough to hold the weight of the structure for the door and the oculus – which happened to be sitting in the front of the yard of our house since the day we purchased it over a decade ago.


I wanted to create a boundary to contain the energy of The Hut and the elements within it – look no further than the pile of extra split rail fencing I had amassed as part of a privacy fencing project years earlier.


The earthen floor that holds us within The Hut is sand left over from our driveway, one of the first big projects we took on after purchasing the house.


Outside of the concrete and rebar, nearly every element of The Hut was already sitting within our property, speaking to each other, speaking to me.  It took me a while to fully hear the speech, and another two years to put it all together – but the results are quite amazing if I do say so myself.

Check out The Hut offerings to experience the magic for yourself.

The Making Of The Hut

Construction demo
Custom wooden fence
Early layout of the hut
The hut framing with rebar
Exterior of The Hut with tree and sun burst
Inside of the hut with fire it and altar