Eucalyptus tree with a golden circle design


Sacred Land In San Diego

Where it all began. Where it all begins.


I would be remiss if I didn’t speak about the land upon which we are blessed to live and commune, the ground for the sacred spaces, a place once tended by the Kumeyaay people.

My wife heard the call of this land years before we moved to San Diego.  During a getaway, as we drove through Encinitas on our way to pick up our favorite chips and salsa, she voiced the simple statement, “Maybe one day we could live around here.”

It was well after we purchased our home that we remembered that moment, amazed to realize that it was spoken about a block away.

And a huge project this has turned out to be.  The house needed a complete redo, the yard was overgrown and full of debris, the Well was full of trash, the area where The Space now sits was a large, rotting deck, and yet something in us was speaking yes, so we jumped in.

As we worked to transform this land, the land was at work transforming us.

During this time, I began my shamanic initiations and mentoring, where I was given the keys to unlock all that this land held, to speak with voices longing to be heard, to feed the sentient beings that had fallen dormant, to bring this land back to life.

I feel honored to have been called to this land, this opportunity, I can feel in my bones this is part of my life’s work.

It hasn’t been easy, and there is more to be unfolded, but the impact has been remarkable.

In addition to the sacred spaces I’ve built on the property, I created and regularly tend numerous shrines, connecting with and making offerings to the ancestors, star nations, and other spirits present.  I speak and I listen, I give and receive back in multitudes, a relationship of reverence, of loving reciprocity.

It is this that people feel when stepping on the land for the first time.  It is this that creates the magical journey to the Well and the Hut on our way to ritual.  It is this that supports everything uniquely possible here.

It is for this that I am eternally grateful.