Statue of Buddha in nature

The Space

A Place For Healing

A spiritual gem in the heart of Encinitas, CA.


The space is a place of love, growth and transformation.  It’s a sacred temple we can enter into together for true healing and wisdom.  It’s a space where we can be held so deeply, that we can fall apart so completely, that we rediscover ourselves in wholeness.  It is truly a blessed and sacred space and I’d love for you to experience it in person.

The space is home to all spiritual healing sessions, sound healing sessions, pranayama breathwork sessions and healing/energy clearings.

If you don’t live in the San Diego area, much of my work can be done remotely.

From the moment I stepped foot on Steve’s sacred space, I instantly felt a release of negative energy and began to ground myself with the earth.


~ Trinity Martinez

Exterior photo of sacred space with buddha statue
Mother Mary statue with cross and crystals on altar
Counseling area within the sacred space
Crystals & Geodes
Sacred Healing Space With Gong And Crystal Bowls