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Breath Of Life


Breath is fascinating. It’s the only part of the autonomic nervous system that we can consciously control, and in doing so, we can affect powerful change in our physical, psychological and spiritual lives.  It’s no surprise that some form of breath focus can be found in every spiritual tradition, whether it is something like what we would call breathwork or chanting of mantras, or types of prayer.

We’ve all experienced the power of a few deep breaths to help calm and reset our nervous system during stressful times. Pranayama breathwork supercharges these effects.

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What is Pranayama?

Prana is universal life force, it’s what animates all living things, and it’s what is allowing me to type these words.  Pranayama is the process of consciously drawing that life force in and expanding its flow throughout our physical and energetic bodies.


Pranayama For Emotional & Physical Healing

Everything is energy. In a healed state, we are a constant flow of life force energy through pathways or meridians, called nadis in the Eastern traditions. Spiritual lineages have long understood that dis-ease is a result of a blockage of that energy flow.

The practice of pranayama breathwork organically finds and releases energetic blockages in the body, returning us to a greater state of flow, returning us to a healed state.  We experience this in the form of emotional and physical healing.


Pranayama For Spiritual Growth & Awakening

When blocks have been removed from the energetic pathways of the body, prana can move into and up the center channel of the body, called sushumna. In doing so, it progressively awakens higher levels of consciousness, leading ultimately to samadhi, spiritual awakening.

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"Breathwork with Steve is an expansive experience!

A man of integrity and humility, he honors the lineages of his mentors and has a deep connection with those he engages with. I feel so fortunate to have met him!"

- Chris Ruggiero

"Breathwork with Steve is an expansive experience!

A man of integrity and humility, he honors the lineages of his mentors and has a deep connection with those he engages with. I feel so fortunate to have met him!"

- Chris Ruggiero

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FAQs / What You Should Know

How is this practice different or unique from other breathwork practices?

Many different styles of breathwork are gaining in popularity these days, each with a different approach and intended outcome, from the Wim Hof approach to Holotropic breathwork, to Rebirthing Breathwork.

One of the main characteristics of the pranayama breathwork that I guide is that it is very gentle practice.  We utilize our body’s natural breathing rhythms, staying away from the masculine pushing energies of many different breathwork practices.  With this approach, we are able to fall into our parasympathetic nervous systems, receiving the regenerative benefits of that state of being, while still receiving the powerful impacts of breathwork mentioned above.

Will I be performing the pranayama breath for the full 90 minutes?

No, the active part of our breathwork session is just a touch over 20 minutes, with added-in breath retention periods and an extended savasana to allow the benefits for the practice to be fully integrated into your physical and energetic bodies.

The rest of our time together will be spent connecting, communicating about your wishes and desires for the practice, getting comfortable with the style of pranayama breath, and performing a series of gentle relaxation and balancing practices to prepare you for the most optimal results.

What is my (Steve’s) role during a breathwork session?

In addition to being your guide, I will be supporting you throughout the process energetically, offering gentle supplemental energy healing when it’s beneficial, as well as utilizing sacred sound frequencies and essential oils to help you get the most out of your session.

Do I need to do any preparation before my breathwork session?

Preparation has a big impact on the success of your breathwork practice.  The following are a few suggestions to optimize your results:

• Eat light, easy-to-digest meals for the 24-hour period before your breathwork session

• Avoid any food at least 2-3 hours before your session time

• Avoid any stimulants or intoxicants, including caffeine and alcohol, at the very least the day of your session, ideally for at least the 24 hours prior to your session

• Wear comfortable clothing

Heal With The Power Of Your Own Breath