Despacho Ritual With Flowers

A Technology For Well-Being

A despacho is a sacred offering, an Andean, shamanic technology used to connect and give thanks to spirit, to our guides and guardians and mother earth, Pachamama.

Despachos can be used to signify and bless rites of passage, ask for support on a project or creation, and bring about healing and well-being in a particular aspect of your life and relationships.


Elements Of A Despacho

Depending on the intent of the offering, there are many different despacho recipes.  Typically they include things like nuts and grains, seeds, sweets and flowers, where each element and layer has a very specific use, purpose, intent and prayer.  The one that still makes me laugh every time I think of it, is that ancestors are represented by prunes.  🙂

Flowers in a despacho

Despacho rituals are 2 – 3 hours and costs $275 for 1 person,
$75 for each additional person.

FAQs / What You Should Know

Q. What if I’ve never made a despacho before?

No worries at all, I will be guiding the process entirely – explaining how and why we are doing everything, to ensure the process is both experientially profound and impactful, but also educational.


Q. What happens with the despacho when it’s finished?

Depending on the type of despacho and its intent, they are typically either buried or given to the fire.  We can figure out these details as part of our discovery call.


Q. Are despacho sessions for individuals only or can they be done with a group?

Both.  Despachos can be a very powerful ritual done by yourself or with a small group of people who are all actively contributing to the creation.