Divination With Bay Leaves

A Tool For Visioning

Vision is essential in helping us live a life with purpose. We craft a visions of our desired reality, we vision into what is possible, and can use the vision of dreams to help guide us in our waking life. Clear and accurate vision helps us know we are on the right track.

Divination is a sophisticated, timeless visioning practice that delivers useful and accurate insights into the challenging issues we face in our lives, including relationships, family, career and opportunities for growth and change.

Through the art of divination, we can gain a much deeper understanding of the complex dynamics of situations so we can take beneficial actions toward desired outcomes.

A Gift From The Dagara Lineage

There are many different forms of divination practiced across different spiritual lineages and traditions. I was blessed to be trained in the method of divination performed by Dagara shamans.

This style of divination utilizes a series of tools rooted in the elements:

   • Earth
   • Fire
   • Water
   • Mineral
   • Nature

upon which a spread of sacred elements will be cast for each inquiry.  Through reading the placement of the elements, we can garner powerful and accurate insights into our lives and the forces at play in the dynamics of a given situation, so we can make more informed and life-enhancing decisions.

Divination sessions are 1 hour and cost $175.

FAQs / What You Should Know

Q. What situations are divination good for?
Divination is a powerful tool for looking into the energetic dynamics of a situation, the energies at play.  This could be things like your state of personal growth or spiritual connection, the balance of elements in your physical body, what a move to a particular town or state might look like, or the dynamics of a work situation or project to see what is needed to bring it to a more optimal level.


Q. Are there any situations divination is not good for?
This type of divination doesn’t provide predictions or any specific info on future outcomes – so questions like will I get the job or when am I going to meet the love of my life, aren’t the type of questions we’d bring to a divination spread.


Q. What can I expect to receive out of a divination session?
The first thing you can expect to receive is a great deal of information about the situation at hand, what’s working, what doesn’t appear to be working, and why.  Divination spreads almost always also include prescriptions for how to bring the energetic components back into balance for the most optimal outcome.  The ritual of a divination reading can also, by itself, start to shift the energetic dynamics for the better.