Lion Head With The Four Elements

elemental journey

Healing With The Elements

Resetting Our Elemental Blueprint


We are made of the elements.  When our energetic elemental balance is off, we may find ourselves with a fiery temper, flat and directionless like water on a flood plane, floating around, ungrounded, with no real sense of home, or living in our brains overwhelmed with ceaseless mental activity.

The Elemental Journey includes a ritual specifically designed to bring balance and harmony to the four elements – air, fire, water and earth – and through that bring a greater sense of harmony and well-being to our lives.

Rituals will be performed every other week over an 8-week span. 

The Investment
  • $1,000 for a solo journey
  • $800 per person for a two-person journey
  • $600 per person for a three-person journey


Cloudy sky representing the element air
Icon representing the element air

Like our life as a human on this planet, this elemental journey begins with breath.

Through a 90-minute pranayama breathwork session, we will infuse vital life force into your physical and energetic bodies.  Pranayama is also a powerful tool to remove energetic blockages that may be preventing you from being in the flow state and limiting your experience of spiritual energy and information.

A crackling fire representing the element fire
Icon representing the element fire

Fire is transformative. It metabolizes matter, freeing up energy and is the element of vision.

In week 2, we will perform a recapitulation ritual focused on a specific behavior or trait you wish to change or overcome.

The ritual will be completed with a 60-minute fire ceremony in The Hut.

A cresting ocean wave representing the elmeement water
Icon representing the element fire

With our physical bodies now cleared and open, we bring in the element of water for fluidity and for imprinting new ideas, behaviors and visions for our lives, as well as any additional clearing and healing work that is present.

This 60-minute ritual will be completed at in The Hut.

A mountain shrouded in fog representing the element earth
Icon representing the element earth

We complete this elemental journey with Pachamama, Mother Gaia, the great force that we all call home.

We will venture into the belly of Pachamama via The Well for a 90-minute session – where we can be deeply grounded, where we can plant new seeds of becoming in this very fertile land.  We will also use the drum to synchronize our heartbeats with the great heartbeat of the earth.

Ready to journey into the elements?