Healing with raw quartz crystal

 What is healing?

At its core, I believe healing, or the healed state is about the ability to stay present in our lives, to be in our bodies, attuned to our experience, and connected to what’s around us.

The capacity to feel joy, love and purpose in our life comes from freeing ourselves of past challenging experiences that remain trapped within our physical and energetic bodies.

We wish to live in a state of flow, like a beautiful fountain, yet the life force within us is often blocked or suppressed.  Healing is about clearing and opening ourselves to allow more of life to flow through.


What is it not?

I think what is equally important is dispelling myths about what healing is.  Healing, or living a healed state, doesn’t mean we never get sick, although the more physically, emotionally and mentally healthy we are, the less likely we are to fall prone to physical illness.

It’s also not about simply being happy all the time or living a life free of challenge.  Our ability to stay open and hold the truth of our experience means we will likely suffer less when challenge arises, but a healed state is one in which we can feel deeply both positive and negative emotions without needing to distract, dissasociate or control.

A spiritually evolved person can be incorrectly thought of as one who simply accepts everything that happens around and to them, when in fact healthy boundaries and a clear, strong and centered voice are all key principles to a healthy existence.


What does it take to heal?

The healing journey takes courage, honesty and commitment

We heal when we can learn to embrace all of life and all of ourselves, the good and the challenging, the joy and the grief, the love and the frustration – and to do so in healthy, constructive ways.  We can’t just shut off half the flow of our life and expect to feel whole.

Healing is an ongoing journey, often one that can benefit from support in the form of a coach, therapist, counselor or healer, especially when going through challenging times. 

Even for the most introspective and dedicated among us, the environment created by a gifted, empathic practitioner provides the ability to open to and release deep patterns that the individual psyche may not allow alone.  And it can be very helpful to have someone who can help you view the situation from a different lens than your own.

Light shining through trees at the end of a path