Shamanism text with white flying owl

A Return To Ancient Wisdom

Shamanism is experiencing a surge in popularity in our modern, western culture. It’s Pachamama, our mother, calling us home to our true belonging.

Shamanism is about understanding our place and importance in the universe. It is the act of continually unfolding the best of ourselves through intimate connection with spirit and through stewarding the flow of consciousness – all for the betterment of the collective.

At their core, shamans are masters of consciousness, awareness, and power and that is a lifelong dedication of love.


My Journey With Shamanism

The seed for my shamanic path was planted by an intuitive, years before I was ready to take the leap.   It is a path that requires strength, courage, dedication and ganas, a Quechua word that carries the energy of fortitude.  When I was ready, my teacher appeared, birthing a 7-year journey of initiations and mentoring in the authentic Andean lineage.  It was a period of being forged by fire, a process that I will forever be grateful for, and am aware continues to unfold in me in magical ways each day.

Shaman pouring water on a stone shrine

How I Use Shamanic Wisdom In My Work

The wisdom of the Andes, and all true indigenous teachings, is profound, and is fully woven into all aspects of my life, including my work.  The principles of shamanism are about being a great human being, and about living in right relationship with all sentient beings, and I share this wisdom in the counseling aspects of my work.  I also use the technology of ritual to help bring about change and well-being in my clients, including well sessions.  Energy clearings and divination readings also utilize direct shamanic teachings and practices.


Do I Offer Plant Medicine?

Because I get this question a lot, I thought I’d address it here directly with a simple no I do not offer plant medicine as part of my work or offerings.