Sound Healing With Crystal Bowls

Healing through sacred resonance frequencies

Spiritual traditions have long understood the power of sound to bring about physical health, emotional well-being and altered states of consciousness.  Human beings have long gathered around the fire with drums and rattles, to sing, to chant, to call to spirit, to heal with sound.


How does sound heal?

We are made of energy, our bodies vibrate, and by using precisely tuned, sacred instruments and the power of toning, we can entrain our brain and body’s vibration to frequencies that promote deep rest, rebalance the nervous system and help facilitate emotional release.

A sound journey begins with gentler, more mellow frequencies to promote deep relaxation, softening any tension patterns where holding is taking place.  As it progresses, we work to awaken and activate the energy from deep within, utilizing instruments like rattles and drums.  The journey crescendos with the gong, a powerful tool for energetic and emotional release, after which we will return once again to the softer, gentler frequencies like the crystal singing bowls and chimes, to entrain your body to frequencies of peace and harmony.

Sound Healing Instruments


Each instrument has its own sacred healing resonance.  The following instruements may be played to faciliate your healing journey:


  • Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Tibetan Singing Bowl
  • 32″ Paiste Chiron Gong
  • Wave and hand drums
  • Hand chime
  • Rattles
Sound healing space with gong, drum and crystal bowls

Sound healing sessions are 1 hour and cost $175

Andean Wisdom quote on sound
Bible quote about sound

FAQs / What You Should Know

Q. Do I offer group sound healing sessions?

Yes.  If you’d like to schedule a group session or would be interested in attending a group sound healing, let me know.